This competition aims to reduce the burden of employees by robot technology and realize a future convenience store that provides new services to customers. Participants compete on the following two tasks. The participant who will participate either one of two tasks are also welcome.

  1. Stock and Disposal Tasks
    Self-stocking of daily products (onigiri rice ball and bento lunch boxes, etc.) and disposing expired products.
  2. Convenience Store Innovation Task
    Proposals and demonstrations of solutions and services that use digital twins and big data to create the convenience store of the future.

Participants in this competition will develop a robot system that autonomously moves and performs these tasks, as well as the infrastructure they deem necessary to install inside the convenience store. In this challenge, the participants will use their developed robots and infrastructure to demonstrate and compete in these tasks  inside a simulated convenience store.


November 11 – 15, 2024 (including setup and practice day)



Prize (tentative)

*For each task
1st place    300,000 JPY
2nd place   150,000 JPY
3rd place      50,000 JPY

Important Dates

Mar. 19, 2024    Briefing for participants
Mar. 20, 2024    Entry start (Entry form is here)
Jul.   19, 2024    Entry deadline
Jul.   22, 2024    Briefing for participants
Jul.   31, 2024    Entry deadline
Aug. 19, 2024    Deadline for submission of detailed documents
Sep.    9, 2024    Notification of acceptance

How to participate

Please fill out the entry form (click here) and submit it online.

Rule Book

Stock and Disposal Tasks (Last update: July 1. 2024)
Convenience Store Innovation Task (Last update: June 18. 2024)