WRS FCSC Trial Competition @ IROS 2022 – Stock and Disposal Task

This challenge aims to develop technologies to automate the stocking of products and the collection of expired items in a convenience store. Participants in this competition will develop a robot system that autonomously moves and performs these tasks, as well as the infrastructure they deem necessary to install inside the convenience store. In this challenge, the participants will use their developed robots and infrastructure to compete in stock and disposal demonstrations inside a simulated convenience store.

The following tasks will be performed in the demonstration:

・Stock task: Place the products stored in the container into the designated place on the display cases.

・Disposal task: Straighten the products already placed in a display case, collect the disposal items.

Rule Book
Stocking and Disposing Tasks(Last Update:March. 1, 2022)

ICC Kyoto

October 24-26, 2022

Kazuyoshi Wada (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Kenichi Ohara (Meijo University)