Future Service Design 2018

“Future Service Design” is a contest to describe convenience stores of the future. Former robot contests have emphasized technology developments, but here we have combined these with additional services and design. We called not only for ideas, but we also discovered persons of talents with excellent ideas. An aspect that is unique is that they have joined this contest as design advisors for five years, until 2020. Thus, we realize “Image of convenience stores in future,” which is based on technology and design as a pair of wheels. In 2016, we introduced out “Future Service Design Award 2016″ as a design department of “Future Convenience Store Contest,” which selected 10 talented participants. From 19 to 21 December 2017, we held the “WRS Future Convenience Store Challenge Trial Convention” at Sendai International Center. This was sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and New Energy, and Industrial Technology Development Organization. We exhibited 10 winning ideas on the curved, 15-meter long wall. Various future designs of convenience store were exhibited. In 2018, we hold “WRS Future Convenience Store Challenge Pre-convention” at East hall 7 in Tokyo Big Site. Finally, the design idea becomes reality with technologies. In the exhibition site, we install an immersive curved screen in 12 meters long and project two movies that describe images of convenience stores in the future. One is the“CAP X SELL, Unmanned mobile convenience-store by robot” designed by Kai Kikui, that won Best Seven-Eleven Awards. Another is the “Commonvenience Store” designed by Yuki Matsubara, that won a prize. These are ideas with progress after two years of the winning in 2016. In 2020, we will hold “Future Service Design Award 2020″. We will present future images of convenience stores based on progress of robot technology in the form of a pitch contest. Please join us with your new ideas or support us as our audience. Stay tuned.

Toshihiko Suzuki Chairperson,
the Department of Design of Future Service Design
Professor of Kogakuin University

Theater video is on YouTube!

Unmanned mobile convenience-store by robot


“Shopping refugee” is one of Japan’s problems. It has been improved in regions with a marginal settlement and also in urban residential areas. We propose the use of the unattended convenience-robot, “CAP SELL,” which moves and sells consumer items in these areas. Our purpose is not to design a vending machine, but a convenience-robot that can converse with customers, as did a liquor store delivery man in the past, using artificial intelligence technology.




Issues in the city center park × Convenience Strategy


In Tokyo, the parks that are located in the city center are crowded with visitors. However, the number and the quality of parks are insufficient to prevent crime. In order to enhancing the dining area of the convenience stores, we propose that one be open a park-like setting be open 24 hours each day in each region. We have observed visitors in Kinka Park. Based on 31 patterns of action came from five spatial compositions, we designed the 7-Eleven Masumoto building for brunch at lidabashi in Chiyoda Ward, which is a typical store with a dining area.

Future Service Design 2018

Title of the work 1

  • Unmanned mobile convenience-store by robot”
  • Designed by Kai Kikui
  • Video produced by Yoshihiro Shimizu

Title of the work 2
“Commonvenience Store,
Issues in the city center park Convenience Strategy”

  • Designed by Yuki Matsubara
  • Video produced by Atsuhiro Tanokuchi
  • Video directed by Yoshihiro Shimizu
  • Produced by Kazuyoshi Wada
  • Art Directed by Toshihiko Suzuki